Jennifer – Marathon Runner

Jennifer is a 25 year old marathon runner. She typically runs 4 times a week, with strength training sessions in-between. Jennifer will rotate between two different running shoes for running, and a cross training shoe for her strength sessions. She would replace her shoes every 6-8 months. She was prescribed custom orthotics by her physician to help her knee pain. When running, there is typically no pain however after returning from a run, the pain is noticed.

When Jennifer came to see me I found that she had low arches that are flexible in nature. What we discovered was a lack of shock absorption in her foot structure. Custom orthotics help correct and support the mechanics of feet, provide shock absorption to the mechanical structure, and reduce ground reaction forces with each step. Additionally, by correcting the feet, it in effect changes the knee position, allowing them to track properly. She has loved her orthotics and has enjoyed running ever since.

Janet – New to running

Janet is a middle age woman, who was leading a sedentary lifestyle. Tired of feeling the way she did, she decided to sign up for a 5K run 3 months away. She put her runners from 20 year ago, goes for first run in years, after finishing run starts feeling tightness in arches. She woke up the next morning, first couple steps getting out of bed is extremely painful, has to limp for a while, and then starts to feel slightly better.

Goes on with her day, every time she sits and gets back up it is again painful. With each training run it gets worse and worse. Finally goes and sees doctor, they diagnose her with Plantar Fasciitis, is then referred to a Pedorthist. The Pedorthist conducts their consultation and determines she has fallen arches, hypermobility, and a pronated gait. Additionally, determines that her running shoes are worn out and badly need replacing.

Janet was referred to Elevate Orthotics to get custom orthotics. With the orthotics we also gave her specific exercises to help ease the pain. After getting her orthotics, she is advised to slowly break them in; however, within 4 weeks already begins to feel better. Janet finally ran her 5k and has referred Elevate Orthotics to two of her running friends.

Michael – Diabetic

Michael, a 65 year old male, has type 2 diabetes, which has led to decreased sensation on the bottoms of the feet. His job requires him to be on his feet all day standing on concrete. When he came to see Elevate Orthotics, he was wearing his only pair of running that are 10 years old. No pain but decided to seek a medical specialist for frequent ulcerations on the feet.

Finally he was referred to a us to provide accommodation and support to these ulcerations. We designed an orthotic to accommodate the foot, offload pressure points and prevent future ulcerations. An extra deep shoe with no interior stitching is suggested, to allow for ample space for the orthotic and the foot, as well as prevent any unwanted rubbing. Michael still hates his job, but he loves his orthotics and he finds that he has more energy at the end of the day to help his wife with shopping and erands. This has led him to even lose a few pounds from his waist.

Eleanor – Senior

Eleanor is an 80 year old, and typically wears lace up oxford style shoe. Not on feet very much, however when she is, cannot stand for very long before fatigue in feet and knees sets in. Also when standing/walking, does not feel very stable. Her doctor referred her to us for a consultation. Orthotics are prescribed to assist with overall mechanics of the feet, and help to cushion her feet. Additionally the orthotics offer a certain amount of proprioception to the feet, and therefore help with stability.

Liam – 12 year old boy

Liam’s parents notice that he is walking pigeon-toed, and is tripping often when he runs. When we first met Liam, we conducted a consultation and observes the foot position and mechanics. His foot position and gait could be corrected via the use of custom orthotics. If untreated he would have likely had issues with his knees and hips later in life. The orthotic is created to straighten the gait cycle, and allow everything to track properly. We designed the orthotic can be moved from shoe to shoe depending on what the Liam was wearing at the time. Kids often need support as they switch from sport to sport. Liam has loved his orthotics and can now keep up to his friends on the playground.

No matter your condition or place in life, you deserve to have comfortable feet. All of above case studies are here with permission by the person whom we treated. They also represent the vast majority of people we treat at Elevate Orthotics. If you’re interested in your own assessment or knowing how we can help you, call Elevate Orthotics at (403) 703-2862 to arrange a consultation.