What can you expect from us? Constant Monitoring & Adapting!

1. All practitioners and staff will be wearing masks at all times
throughout your appointment.

2. We are requiring that anyone attending the clinic also be wearing a mask
throughout the entire duration of their visit to the clinic.

3. Patients will be required to sanitize their hands upon arrival to the clinic.

4. We ask that your shoes be left on the mat at the entrance.

5. Practitioners will be wearing gloves when doing any physical assessment.

6. Your gait analysis will be performed in a designated area of the clinic and
will be cleaned using an approved sanitization agent between patients.

7. Your patient history will be taken at a distance allowable within the
confines of the examination room.

8. We are asking that patients come alone (excluding minors) to their
appointment unless they require assistance for transportation, language
interpretation or comprehension.

9. We are booking our appointments at ½ capacity and are scheduling breaks
between patients to allow for proper sanitization of rooms and adequate
personal hygiene.

10. We will be cleaning all services between patients with COVID-19 approved
cleaning agents.

11. We aim to never have more than one patient in the clinic at a time.