At Elevate Orthotics we strive to provide you with all the necessary information whether its about insurance or breaking in your first pair of orthotics.


No – you do not need a referral for an appointment with Erika. 

Yes – most insurance companies partially cover the expense for custom orthotics via reimbursement claims.

Yes – most insurance companies require a prescription from a medical doctor to be covered for custom orthotics. This prescription must be completed by a physician. Consult your insurance package to check and gain more clarity into your plan.

Unfortuantely we cannot direct bill at this time, insurance paper work will be completed and provided to you to submit for a reimbursement claim.

Our initial consults are 45 minutes in length. During this time Erika will complete a detailed history, functional movement evaluation and gait analysis. After testing is completed, Erika will provide her recommendations based on your specific case. If custom orthotics are warranted, then a 3D plaster cast will be taken of you foot. 

Yes! Custom orthotics can be designed to fit most sport specific footwear/boots. For more detailed informaiton please contact the clinic!

Custom Foot Orthotics Information

It may take a few weeks for you body to get used to orthotics. Typically, we advise you wear the orthotics 1-3 hours each day for the first week. Each subsequent week adding an hour or two.

You can clean your orthotics by hand, washing them in the sink with dish soap and letting them air dry overnight.

Adjustments can be made to the orthotic after they are manufactured as needed. If you think your orthotics need to be adjusted, please book in for a follow up appointment!

These adjustments are included in the price of the orthotic for up to 6 months.